Intro to Troders

If it has to do with you or me – or anything else outside the narrow sphere of his interests (that makes a Troder’s home) – don’t expect to receive a hoot. You’ll soon find there are exactly none given. The sign hung on the front door said as much in a few words.

Below the blue misty mountains, where nothing changes over thousands of years, among all things, a Troder shows the least promise of mellowing with time. Even a rock will exude more relaxation, weathering both sun and storm, in the process giving up a bit of itself in natural harmony with the surroundings. It does not think about it. It is only right.

But a Troder, given the same opportunity, only withdraws.

But you might say, clearly, it is no crime to stay the same. Everyday the sun wears the same face. No, it is no crime to never change. It is another thing however, against the guiding force of time, to remain unmoved.

For both large and small the sign on the door listed the rule of the house – only one – and it was numbered just so: 1. Owner does not give a hoot.